Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Lifestyle Real Estate, Inc. to manage your property?

Whether you are an seasoned investor, first time property investor or someone who has simply inherited a property and do not have the time to devote towards the proper management of your rental property or properties then finding the right Management company is vital for your investment. Our full-service real estate brokerage will have a licensed and experienced real estate agent managing every facet of your investment property and tenant occupying leaving your responsibilities as simple as checking your online rental account!

Once I start with LRE, Inc., Who do I talk to? Who handles my property? Who do tenants call?

Communications is the key to a successful property management relationship and you will be dealing directly with Brokers, Clay Maloy and Nancy Maloy. We will be available via the office, cell or email at anytime during the week. Your tenants will be communicating to us as well in addition to our administrative assistant or other licensed agents.

How do you decide what rent to charge when there are vacancies?

LRE, Inc. will do a market survey of what similar rentals have actually rented for in your area. We are also leasing units on a daily basis and very familiar with the market and changing rents. Based on this information and after consulting with you, the rental price will be determined.

How do you advertise your vacancies?

LRE, Inc. will market vacancies through several proven methods. The marketing process will start as soon as we are advised of a vacancy if you under agreement with LRE, Inc. A “featured Listing” on, major websites, military websites, MLS and many online rental services. Ads are constantly updated until your property is rented. Signs are also placed on your property if allowed by your HOA.

How often do you visit the property?

When a property first comes under my management, an interior and exterior inspection is scheduled as soon as possible to determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Obviously, if the property is vacant the property will be shown as appointments are set. Once the property is rented and the initial move-in inspection completed, an interim inspection will be scheduled in approx. 6 months.

Can I use my own vendors?

While I am happy to use your preferred vendor, an important benefit is that LRE, Inc. has developed relationships with vendors, such as plumbers and electricians who charge fair prices and are reliable. You benefit from these vendor’s excellent service and prices.

Are your prices competitive?

LRE, Inc.’s management fees are very competitive. Poor management can be costly and our brokerage company Lifestyle Real estate, Inc. knows the Jacksonville and surrounding rental markets.

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Nancy Maloy
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