Maintenance Request

All Maintenance Requests must be submitted in writing through our tenant provided website as well as by phone, email or in person at our office. All Maintenance Requests will be reviewed and the appropriate vendor will then contact you to schedule any appropriate repairs.

Please give us complete details of the problems you are having in order for us to send the right maintenance vendor the first time. Remember, if it is due to your negligence then you will be billed for fixing the problem. If you are not home at the time of the scheduled repair you will be responsible for the service call charge.

Be sure to give us your name, complete address and day phone number so that the maintenance vendor can call you direct to schedule a convenient time.

Please Submit Your On-line maintenance request here after logging into your rental account:

Emergency Maintenance:

If you have an emergency that cannot wait until the next business day and it is before or after business hours, you can call (904) 316-3399.

Please be sure you are using a phone that accepts incoming calls.
**An emergency is a fire, flood or any dangerous or hazardous situation.  An emergency is NOT an annoying sound, dripping faucets, a lost house key etc
Nancy Maloy
Nancy Maloy
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