Please review the following information before submitting your application. Each adult co-tenant over the age of 18 must complete a separate application.  There is a $60 non-refundable charge per applicant to process the application, pull credit history and reference results. This application is preliminary only and does not obligate the Owner or this Brokerage to execute a lease or deliver possession of the Property.

We reserve the right to deny your application based on the content of this rental application, your credit history, housing history, income or criminal background. Security deposit may be increased depending on credit and reference results. Before submitting this application, applicant must read the application in its entirety, acknowledge and accept said terms. Note that applications are not processed until “ALL” required information has been submitted and not on an applicant “first-come” basis.


Application Requirements
* Each adult over 18 must complete a separate application
* Application must be filled out completely, with all documentation and application fees paid prior to screening.
* Security Deposit is due immediately after application is approved.
* 2 current paystubs or Past Two Years of Tax Returns (Self-Employed)
* Current Drivers License

* Gross monthly income = 3x rent amount
* No unpaid bills or collections accounts for utilities (For example: water, electric)
* No unpaid bills or collection accounts for previous management companies, landlords, etc.
* Depending upon credit score additional security deposit may be required.


Please Proceed to the Link Below to Submit Rental Application:



Nancy Maloy
Nancy Maloy
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